Even though you grew up without a father, you can still fulfill your potential. 

In "From Fatherless To Fulfilled: Overcoming Your Obstacles To Fulfill Your Potential", Robert Thompson shares the obstacles he faced from growing up without a father and the action plan that helped him overcome those obstacles on his path to fulfillment. In this mini book you will learn how embracing your identity, discovering your vision, and accepting responsibility can help you press through anything in your way on the path to fulfill your potential.





Growing up I thought I had to be a great basketball player to be a real man... 

That may sound funny, but it's true. My only problem was that I was horrible at basketball. Through my challenges to discover and embrace my value, my passion now is to helping other people who grew up fatherless discover and embrace their value so that they can fulfill their potential.

As a certified coach  in a revolutionary tool called the Core Values Index, I am skilled in helping individuals discover the value and understand how they can make their best contribution to the world.